Make a New Harvester
by MaperRiz

This will teach you how to create a new Harvester.

In my example we will use the Truck (loaded) [TRUCKB] for the voxel when it moves and assign a new voxel for [TRUCKA] when it docks and gets rid of its ore.

Remember this:
Prerequisite=NAWEAP,NATECH so the Soviets can build it.
TechLevel=5 so its buildable

Ok, here are the important lines:
- Harvester=yes; so the AI counts it as a harvester
- Storage=70; To defines how it can carry
- UnloadingClass=TRUCKA; what it looks like when it unloads
- PipScale=Tiberium; clarifies cargo
- Dock=NAREFN,GAREFN; possible refineries