Adding a Plane for the Soviets
by MaperRiz

Ok, lets try some that many people try to do. Its adding an airplane for the soviets. What you need:
XCC mixer
Voxel for plane
ANY string editor
rules file
art file

Now we need to make some landing place for the plane. If you are new, you might want to start with making a duplicate of the Air Force Command.
The things i tell you are simple, but follow them and the future tutorials to make it serious.

In rules.ini or Rulesmd.ini , copy the GAAIRC data. Then paste it right under it. (This is to make it easy to find) go to the buildings list, and add [NAAIRC].
Copy the Allied AF Command HQ and change these lines:

Name=Airforce Command Headquarters


Step 2!

Now you must make the plane its self. You can make your own, but copy it from the Harrier [ORCA].
Copy the Harrier and change these lines:


It must be like so if it wants to be right.

Last, add the MIG to the end of the Aircraft Types!


Step 3!

You now go to Art.ini or Artmd.ini. Add a new one: [MIG] in my example. Make a new one or mine:


Simple. Be sure to have the cameo, voxel, and hva ready now.
The PrimaryFireFLH=0,32,0 is where the missle comes from (where on the plane).

Now name the voxel as MIG.vxl and the hva as MIG.hva too. You must have the hva.

Q: Why does the NAAIRC not have a art list too?
A: Because of this:

Notice the line: IMAGE=GAAIRC

In the line under the Name=
which means its the same as the Allied Airforce Command.
So its cameo and Shp will be the same as GAAIRC.



We have created an airforce command for soviets, and to go with it a MIG!
The mig is not Bound to the Airport (AirportBound=no) so it can be made as much as you want, more than 4. Extras can land anywhere, however they can only refill their ammo at the NAAIRC. Each is 5 times better than the Hornet.


Have a new shp for the NAAIRC? Well make a new art for it by copying the GAAIRC. Then name it properly! There! You're done!

Add a new plane? Well just copy the mig and make it like your wish!

A paradrop? Well, you can make this building give you a paradrop, but better not the Tech Airport one, better the American. Just give it

Put questions next. I will put more hints in here though.


Demo plane:
Give it Primary=DemoBomb
Psst! The shadow bomber is like this.
It will simply do the same but easier to get into an enemy base!


1) The plane has no image!
This may be because the voxel was wrongly named. It can also be because you dont have a voxel for it.

2) An error happens with Boris!
This is possible if you used or overwrite Boris's MIG. The things i told you about what is important in the mig, it is what you change with the boris mig. Try doing what i said properly and make a NEW data list.

3) The Soviet Air Force Command doesnt have an image!
Perhaps you have not inserted IMAGE=GAAIRC.

If you find something not listed here, tell me. I will tell you how to fix it.