Make a 'Carryall'
by Comrade Jerkov

Simply copy the Nighthawk, alter the name (unless you want to use the Nighthawk as a sort of carryall itself), and then alter the following tags:

To something more like Passengers=6 or Passengers=12

Then edit:

and make it:
PassengerSize=3 or PassengerSize=4

This means that anything with a size up to 3 or 4 (depending on which you choose) can fit inside. The changing of the Passengers= number just makes it easier to manage what you're putting into the unit. 5 means you'd be able to fit one vehicle and 2 infantry (vehicles are as a rule Size=3 or above). Making it a nice easy number divisible by 3 will help players tremendously.

Addendum: The carryall will only work if it's buildable from War Factory. NOT from AFCHQ. Many mods have tried this and the results are buggy. This method works, is a lot simpler and is guaranteed.