Getting the Right FLH
by Fenring

This can mean the difference between good art and bad art. It's tough to get it just right but when you do find the right coordinates, it's very cool.

Before I even begin, you must know what FLH means. FLH stands for forward, lateral and height. Forward is obvious as to its function. Lateral control left to right firing coords and height is obvious as well. Now that we understand that, we can get the coordinates.

Start off by comparing your new unit to an exisitng unit. The Grizzly, Lasher, Rhino and Apocalypse are ideal for this if it's a tank and this method works WONDERS for tanks.

Make your entry as usual, using the vehicle of choice.

Now play the game and study the firing locations WELL. Look at them carefully. Now if it looks as if it inside the barrel, increase the first digit, that being the forward coordinate. The best number to increase by is 10. It gives the best flexibility.

Now if it appears to above the barrel, lower the last number. If it's below the barrel, move the height up. The heigh is pretty easy to get. Once you have the shell firing from the inside of the barrel, the height is pretty much acquired.

The lateral plane isn't used as much as forward and height. It's mainly used in tandem with double barreled vehicles.

Now play the game again and look at your firing position. Just repeat the above process. Eventually you will have the firing animation appearing right in front of the barrel on all facings.

Addendum: This can also be used for infantry, other vehicles and vessels.

That's not so bad, now is it?