Make a Glass Effect in PSP7/8
by Fenring

You've all know about Kravvitz's method for older versions. But for those of you with newer versions and are stumped, this tutorial is for you.

Step one:
Open both images that you want. Same as older versions.

Step two:
Select the image you want the effect to go ON.

Step three:
Go into Layers > Masks > From Image. Select your mask temp file. The attached one is ra2mask2.jpg.

Step four:
Adjust your Brightness/Contrast values. Best to go with between 25 and 50.

Step five:
Select Invert Mask/Adjustment. Layers > Invert Mask/Adjustment.

Step six:
Go to Layers > Merge > Merge All (Flatten).

Step seven:
Admire your work cause you're done.

Attached Image:

If it did not work, it can be several things.
One: Your mask file is bad or not in 16 million colors.
Two: Your base file is not 16 million colors.