Kinetic Weapons
by Chantillas

This works in Yuri's Revenge only!

One of the things people might or might not know of is that one of the earlier ideas in YR was to create Kinetic Weapons that didn't damage as normally, but would cause tanks and the like to be totally flipped over with a single hit.

Kinetics is a fairly easy issue, but sometimes it can stump some people (especially when first using it).

Firstly find the unit / create a new one that will be your Mind over Matter Nightmare.
Pushy=Yes ; See Note 1
BuildLimit=1 ; See Note 2

Secondly Set the weapon like so.

Damage=300 ; This is important. The higher the damage, the more likely it will flip. 600 flips Apoc.
Speed=300 ; A matter of the mind
Range=6 ; Okay, Okay, so were not that great
Warhead=KTNKWH ; Important Part

Thirdly, Adding "Kineticness"


There you have it. A totally Kinetic weapon, that will utterly flip your target and make your enemy hate you even more

Note 1. Pushy=Yes means that a unit that uses DirectRocker Logic can move after it has fired. This was created so that the game would be fairer. It exists because of the Brute (He doesn't use DR Logic, but it remains commented out in his Tank Smash WH).

Note 2. The Build Limit makes the game fairer, otherwise you can flood the field with Kinetic Tanks and thus make it impossible for the enemy to get you with Tanks.