Make a Tank Paradrop
by Diesystem

Well it is possible, just not easy to get...

Heres how: (note all names of taskforces and scripts are examples)

Create a Taskforce of say 3 Grizzly tanks.. Call it: PARATANKS
Next make sure the scipt for the paradrop tanks has only 1 line:

It should be attack waypoint, structure, celltag etc...
Perferably Attack waypoint...
Call the Script: Tankdrop Script

Next make the teamtype: Tank Cargo and tick the following boxes:
Cargo Plane, Aggresive, Are Team Members Recruitable.

Make sure nothign else is ticked,
You can also set a waypoint for the Cargo plane to come from, but this isn't always a good idea as sometimes it works and other times it dosen't...

Now set up a nice trigger:

Trigger options:
Name=Tanks Drop
Side=Allied (just for this example)
Type=Single, Non Repeating

New Event, Event 0= Elapsed Time= 10

New Action, Action 0= Reinforce Team= Tank Cargo